3rd Fraunhofer CAM Workshop - April 9th and 10th 2014

Fraunhofer CAM

Fraunhofer CAM

CAM Workshop 2014

International failure analysis workshop for 3D and heterogenous microelectronic integration successfully completed

The 3rd edition of the annual CAM workshop, which took place on 9./10. April 2014 brought over 140 attendees from 11 different countries to Halle (Saale). Most participants came from various sectors of semiconductor industries.

The workshop programme included talks from renowned research institutes like IMEC in Belgium, RTI International in the US and LETI in France – they also included well-known semiconductor- and tools manufacturers such as Global Foundries, Infineon and Zeiss-Xradia from Germany. The programme was supplemented by an industry exhibition which included companies such as FEI form the Netherlands and Neocera from the US. 

The workshop thus thematically offered a platform especially for participants from industry and encouraged networking in the areas of failure analysis in microelectronics and microsystems technology which were welcomed and widely used by all participants.

The undertaking of such a conference has only been made possible through the support of 17 industrial sponsors.

It is already clear that the CAM workshop will be continued in 2015 – the focus then will be on failure analysis for automotive electronics.

Final Program

Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Session 1: Trends in Microelectronic 3D Integration, SiP, WLP and Resulting Demands on Material Diagnostics and Quality Assurance

10:00 Registration / Welcome Snack  
11:00 Welcome  
11:10 System Integration – Packaging Makes the Difference Klaus Pressel, Infineon Technologies AG, DE
11:50 Advanced Packaging Failure Analysis – A Foundry Perspective Moritz Andreas Meyer, GLOBAL FOUNDRIES Inc., DE
12:15 3D Integrated Sensors – Chances for European Manufacturers Franz Schrank, ams AG, AT
12:40 Lunch Break / Industrial Exhibition and Networking Opportunity  

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Session 2: Material Diagnostics and Failure Analysis Examples for Current Power Electronic Technologies

14:00 Reliability Risks in 3D Integration Technologies and Related FA Challenges Ingrid de Wolf, Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre IMEC, FR
14:40 Challenges and Failure Risks in High Density Metal-to-metal Interconnects for 3D Integration Dorota Temple, RTI International, USA
15:05 Wafer Bonding for 3D and CMOS Applications: Challenges in Process Qualification and Reliability Testing Viorel Dragoi, EV Group, AT
15:30 Coffee Break / Industrial Exhibition and Networking Opportunity  
16:15 3D Defect Localization Techniques from SiP to IC: Status and Challenges Philippe Perdu, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales CNES, FR
16:40 Advanced Techniques for Physical Failure Analysis of TSV Interconnects Frank Altmann, Fraunhofer IWM/CAM, DE
17:05 Wrap up Day One  
17:15 Drinks Reception / Industrial Exhibition and Networking Opportunity  
19:00 Networking Dinner at Restaurant "Zum Mohr"  
19:30 Dinner Lecture: UNESCO World Heritage I Nebra Sky Disc - The cultural background Dr. Bernd Zich, State Museum for Prehistory, Halle (Saale)

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Thursday, 10th April 2014

Session 3: New Equipment Solutions for In-line Diagnostics and Quality Control

08:30 Welcome  
08:40 Addressing Fault Isolation Challenges Using Magnetic Field Imaging: Novel 3D and SDR Techniques Antonio Orozco, NEOCERA LLC., USA
09:05 Non Destructive Fault Localization on Complex Packages Using EOTPR Technique Antoine Reverdy, Sector Technologies / Teraview Ltd., FR
09:30 4D X-ray Microscopy (XRM), In Situ Imaging of Practical Volume Samples Pete Lander, Zeiss Xradia, UK
09:55 High Resolution Scanning Acoustic Microscopy for Inspection and Failure Analysis of 3D System Integration Technologies Peter Czurratis, PVA Tepla Analytical Systems GmbH, DE
10:20 Coffee Break / Industrial Exhibition and Networking Opportunity  
11:00 Different Analytical Work Flows for Efficient Failure Analysis of 3D-Integrated and Packaged Devices Laurens T. Kwakman, FEI Company, USA
11:25 Optimal Strategies for Fast and Precise FIB Cross Sections of 3D Integrated Device Structures Tomas Hrnčiř, TESCAN Orsay Holding, CZ
11:50 Novel Laser Tool for High-Throughput Microdiagnostics Sample Preparation Uwe Wagner, 3D-Micromac AG, DE
12:15 Lunch / Industrial Exhibition and Networking Opportunity  

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Session 4: Innovative Methods for Material Diagnostics, Failure Analysis, and Reliability Testing

13:00 Optical Inspection for 3D-WLP Processing Wolfram Steller, Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID, DE
13:25 Sub Micrometer Imaging of Defects in Interconnections by X-Ray Tomography in a SEM David Laloum, STMicroelectronics N.V., FR
13:50 High Resolution Strain Measurements in Through Silicon Vias Using Electron Backscatter Diffraction Michael Krause, Fraunhofer IWM Halle/CAM, DE
14:15 In Operando SEM Observation of Electromigration-Induced Voids in 3D Structures Simon Gousseau, CEA Léti, FR
14:40 X-Ray CT for 3D SiPs - Actual Benefit and Future Requirements Sabine Weiss, Infineon Technologies AG, DE
15:05 Coffee Break / Industrial Exhibition and Networking Opportunity  
15:30 Lab Tours an Tool Demos  
17:00 End of Workshop  

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Fraunhofer Center
for Applied Microstructure Diagnostics CAM

Lecture room:
Leibniz-Institute of Agricultural Development
in Central and Eastern Europe ( (IAMO)
Theodor-Lieser-Str. 2
06120 Halle (Saale)


Getting there:

By car
From the north (A9 or A14): From the A9, take the Halle exit, or from the A14, take the »Halle-Peißen« exit. Follow the signs to »Zentrum« and »Halle-Neustadt/Eisleben (Riebeckplatz)«. After crossing the bridge over the river »Saale«, leave the street   at the exit »Gimritzer Damm« and follow the signs to »Magdeburg/Klinikum Kröllwitz Universität (Weinbergweg)«. When you get to the »Eissporthalle«, turn left and follow the street to the end. Then turn right and follow the street approx. 350m to the gateway of IAMO on the left hand side of the street.

By train

From main station Halle (Saale): take tram number 4 or 5 to »Kröllwitz« and leave at station »Weinbergcampus« (20min) IAMO is on the left hand si­de of the road.

By plane

Take a train (11min) to the main station Halle (Saale) or a taxi (50min) to Halle from the airport Halle/Leipzig. Continue by tram (see above).



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